Bryan Brightcloud

Bryan Brightcloud is a Chiricahua Apache of the Fort Sill Band. He is a member of the buffalo clan, and a member of the yellow pollen warrior society.

For over 20 years, Bryan has been an activist, speaker and teacher throughout North America. He has traveled far and wide to educate all age groups, and many have been able to gain a much broader and truer understanding of the indigenous people of America through his teachings. Considering the limited, usually one-sided and frequently downright wrong picture presented in cartoons, Western movies and even most history books in regards to Native people, Bryan has been working tirelessly to bridge that gap in our history and debunk many kinds of stereotypes and false perceptions.

For a season in life, Bryan was also an actor best known for the TV series “Rachel Gunn, R.N.” (1992), “Reckless Kelly” (1993) and the movie “Day of Miracles” (2004).

Bryan Brightcloud is a mentor and advisor to Friend of the People. He is a genuine and powerful voice for the Native people of North America and we are honored to learn from him.